• Blair Gordon

From Rags to Tiny Homes.

When you start a company, or a business or just have an idea, you want it to impact people in a positive way and you want to make difference. Bridgette came into our lives when we needed her the most and I can tell you her story has humbled me and given me a new perspective on "never give up". I am so very proud to have her as part of the team. This is her story.

Work from home they will be fun they say...and so it is!

Being an at home Mum, taking care of the girls, Kyler 5 and Bryleigh 16 months has been no walk in any park....firstly, hats off to all the stay home Mummies out there!

Paulo and I began in a position that allowed me to leave my working career and agreed I would be entering my new career...poop nappies and kissing boo boo's. Sadly we lost our first born son during a homebirth gone terribly wrong. Understandably, Paulo's business took a terrible nock with the grief we had to work through after packing up a nursery that never had a babies cry.

We were blessed with a beautiful daughter a year later.

5 years were filled with smiles watching Kyler grow and tears from Paulo's contracts ending, loosing not one but 8 early pregnancies in our struggles for a very long 4 years to finaly have a happy healthy pregnancy! Another little girl.

We were very kindly given some space on my familys farm to put a home up for ourselves. We were donated materials from kind hearts and Paulo worked day and night to get us out of the elements.

Paulo was doing his best, working day and night, rain, hail or shine to build with block bricks and metal sheeting to build us a home...did I mention he is an electrician!! All this while trying to find work.

I went through my entire pregnancy while the home went up around running water yet so had to go up and down to the main house for toilets and bath times and carrying buckets of water for cooking and 8 months pregnant I gave into dignity and bought a pee pee bucket for our room! Absolute bliss!!

Baby arrived and when she was around 6 weeks old Paulo had our home up (single handidly!), with a bath, hot water gas geyser and flushing toilet (all donated to us). Felt like a palace...but still no work. And then Covid hit.

After a further 5 months of no income during Covid lockdown we were relying heavily on family, friends and strangers on social media to put food on our tables and clothes on our children. Not easy for a Mum or a Dad to endure the pure heartache of not being able to provide for your children. Little Bryleigh struggled with dreadfull colic during these 5 months. Let me tell you...I saw little blue elephants with that exhaustion..and I STILL believe they were real!

With 2 young children, no income and judgements from society for having a baby in amongst the mess, we had to keep pushing forward. We had to keep up the fight in these struggles.

Through much prayer and deliberation, we made the chioce to sell all our belongings, for the second time, and move cities to find better work opportunity for Paulo.

We gave up our home and sold all our furniture to afford bus tickets and a few months rental in a new city, Cape Town. With high hopes, new faith and some great work leads for Paulo...we took a leap of faith.

We arrived and settled the best we could...still no work and all doors of opportunity slammed shut. Shooters..what now?! We got alot of "We told you so's". But strong and determined we remained.

"A home for us and our children will be ours! Don't give up" we cheered each other on as always.

One day...I decided to look into the new evolution on the uprising of Virtual Assistance, due to Covid, thanks to a friends suggestion.

Spring sprung into the air almost immediately when I stumbled across Ron on one of the groups I was trying to sell a tiny cabin for an owner in Atlanta for a small commision.

I had many conversations with him and Blair regarding the Tiny Homes they design. I learned of their many capabilities and partnerships with other incredable suppliers. I was astounded and said I'd love to share this with the world. So many homes to make others smiles the smiles we are waiting to smile. There it passion!

I had created my humble little page "Cabin Spaces" and was delighted to become a sister page of "Rightbit" and have grown with them since as their CXO, Director of International Sales.

Paulo has very unique skills that he could offer on the Solar Side aswell as other aspects of the company. He was welcomed on board too!

Spending hours and late nights online sharing Right Bilt Tiny Homes designs to builds have kept me to my cellphone....I'll upgrade to a latop as I grow...and my little girl asks me for something the one day, I tell her "Mommy will get it for you in a minute but give me a second to finish my work"...she bursts out laughing and says "Mommy's don't work! Daddy's do!" I dropped the mike.

We now take turns of being the working stay at home Mum and Dad.

We had to leave our rented home in Cape Town and travel 26 hrs on a bus, again, to come home to my fathers house to take the time to build our future for our girls properly.

Our life is on track with our new found family. We have the chance for a home of our own in the future. Our strugglrs have lead us to exactly to where we were meant to be and we are greatful for them, they have taught us valuable lessons we can share with our girls.

We cannot thank Blair and Ron for inviting us in to the family of Right Bilt Tiny Homes and giving us this opportunity to grow with them.

Onwards and upwards together making home dreams come true for many.

Take the Images Bridgette and Paulo have chosen to share, not as proof of what we can build but as the embodiment of the spirit, determination and true family spirit we have here at RightBilt.

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